Experience the Ultimate Swimming Pool Features and Options

When it comes to having a swimming pool, having a simple and straightforward one is no longer the only option. Nowadays, homeowners can customize their pools with endless features and options to make them stand out and offer more benefits. All-American Pool Company is one of the most trusted providers for those who want a unique and personalized swimming pool. Here are some of the features and options that you can choose from:

inground pool with fountain


We offer a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from, from tropical blues and greens to bold reds and oranges, you can find a color that complements your outdoor decor and style.

inground pool with blue liner

Water Features

Waterfalls, fountains, and rock formations add an element of natural beauty to any pool. We offer a wide variety of water features that can turn your swimming pool into a true oasis.

free form inground pool

Cleaning & Circulation

Keeping the pool clean and well-circulated is essential. All-American Pool Company provides state-of-the-art cleaning and circulation systems that can keep your pool sparkling clean.

inground pool with lighting


We offer a variety of lighting options, including LED lights that can change colors, fiber optic lighting, and custom-designed lighting schemes to enhance the aesthetic value of your pool.

inground pool with mosaics


Our custom-made mosaics that reflect your style and creativity. From whimsical mermaids and nautical designs to geometric shapes and abstract art, the possibilities are endless.

All-American Pool Company in Parkersburg, WV is the most trusted provider of customized pool features and options. Our outstanding services, combined with our vast choices of features and options make us the go-to choice for homeowners who want to take their pool game to the next level. Contact us today, and bring your dream swimming pool to life!

We’re located in Parkersburg, WV and can be reached by calling 304-464-1155 or sending us an email through our contact form.